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Reserve Your 1/8 Beef Standard Pack-Local Pickup


This is a deposit only to reserve your eighth beef. Total cost is between $580.00 and $667.00

To see our next available butcher date click HERE

An eighth beef will have a total cost of $580 to $667 and will yield between 55-65 pounds of beef. An eighth beef will generally use 2 cubic feet of freezer space. The price is an all included $5.80 per pound on the hanging weight with the average hanging weight being between 100 and 115 pounds. 


*Deposits are non-refundable.

Included Cuts:

*This list is based on an average hanging weight of 108 pounds. Your actual take home weight will vary.

- 3 pounds Top Sirloin Steak

- 3 pounds Rib-eye Steak

- 4 pounds T-Bone Steak

- 1 pound Tenderloin Steak

- 2 pounds Cube Steak

- 2 pounds Rump Roast

- 7 pounds Chuck Roast

- 2 pounds Sirloin Tip Roast

- 1 pound Fajita Meat

- 2 pounds Stew Meat

- 32 pounds Hamburger