Our Philosophy

Quality Cattle, Quality Stewardship

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Morgan & Dana Knight

Ranching is a way of life that we both feel blessed to be able to live. We've been married for 7 years now and have been ranching since day 1. We feel a deep responsibility to be good stewards of both the land and the cattle. We are committed to providing the best conditions for our cattle through pasture management,  quality feed, and low stress handling practices. Our belief is if we keep our cattle calm and eating quality feed we can produce extremely high quality beef that's second-to-none. 

Sometimes the old fashioned way is the better way.

If you were to drop by on a day when we're moving cattle to a new pasture or when we're gathering for spring work you'd see a small group of experienced cowboys and cowgirls quietly moving cattle from horseback. It's the way it was done way back when and we believe it's still the best way to get things done now. Every step of the way we try to stay true to the roots of quality cattle management. Back in the day they weren't pumping cattle full of antibiotics or hormones so we don't either. When you try our beef you'll agree that sometimes the old fashioned way is the better way.

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Walking T Beef - Washington Beef

What to expect

We go through great lengths to make sure that the beef we ship gets delivered perfectly frozen and protected so that it is ready for you and your family to enjoy. Take a look at how your beef order will look when it's delivered!

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No Antibiotics

Naturally raised without the use of Antibiotics

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No GMO's

Naturally raised with non GMO feed.

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No Hormones

Naturally raised without hormones or implants.

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