Why Walking T

Walking T is Family Owned and Operated

Walking T is Natural

For 35 years we have selected the herd sires based on their genetic ability to produce calm, easy keeping offspring that are naturally able to grow in a way that puts amazing marbling into our beef. Couple that with the wide-open pasture lands that our cattle enjoy along with feed that never feeds straight grains that cattle struggle to digest and you end up with Premium Beef that makes an impression when you try it.

Walking T is a Prime Choice

The USDA awards its’ highest grade of ‘Prime’ to less than 4% of all of the beef it grades annually and less than 7% attain its’ second highest grade of Choice+. Put simply, only 13% of beef graded by the USDA is able to be graded into these top two USDA categories. When our beef was graded, 91% of our beef obtained a spot in these top USDA grades that only 13% of beef nationwide obtains. You will taste the difference