Slow Cooker Comfort Box

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The Slow Cooker Comfort Box takes winter cooking to another level! Slap one of these premium roasts in a slow cooker and let it fill your home with the sweet smell of winter comfort food! Our hand curated $240.00 Slow Cooker Comfort Box includes 25+ pounds of premium Roast, Ground Beef, and some steak for that special meal. 

Here's what you get:

3-4 Roasts for a total of 10-12lbs (Chuck, Chuck Roll, Arm, Sirloin Tip, Etc.)

3-4 Pounds Stew Meat

2-3 Pounds London Broil or Top Round Steak

1.5-2 Pounds Premium Steak (New York, Tenderloin, Ribeye, Top Sirloin, Etc.)

5-6 Pounds Premium Ground Beef

 Remember: When you buy from Walking T you're buying from and supporting small family ranchers. The hands that stick the shipping label on your box are the same hands that raise the cattle and the crops. This is Washington Beef at its best.